Other Work is the portfolio of Joe Davis, a London-based designer/developer who specialises in bespoke websites, digital tools and iOS apps.

An app for learning to read musical notation and train your ‘sight reading’ skills. The app offers six mini games which break down the process of learning to read music into small, fun little exercises. Each set of exercises is collected into a ‘workout’ around a piece tailored to your current grade. At the end of the workout you are given the full piece to practice. The app tracks your progress and tells you how well you’re doing.

In collaboration with Adam Hoyle.

Available for iOS and Android.

An app that helps you practise musical scales. When learning an instrument and moving up through exam grades, you have to learn, remember and practice a lot of scales. The app acts as a practice aid, and as a reference – it shows you which scales you need to know for your current grade, it keeps track of when you practice, and records you so you can listen to your progress.

In collaboration with Adam Hoyle.

Available for iOS.

An online tool for use in Primary schools, featuring 100 pieces of classical music from the 11th to the 20th Century, which can be played aloud in class, and arranged by, e.g., Nationality, Period, or Instrument. Intended as a teaching aid to help teachers introduce children to classical music.


A dynamic interactive map showing development works in the London borough of Harrow, built in WordPress to allow Harrow council to add and update projects as works progress. The site is a point of reference for locals or visitors to see what works are happening and where, and when they will be completed.

In collaboration with Guglielmo Rossi.


A website for London Road, one of Croydon’s main High Streets, built to coincide with local regeneration works and to differentiate London Road from the surrounding area – show what it has to offer. The site is built around a map of the road which serves multiple functions: to represent the road, to orient and inform visitors, to show what can be found in the area, to provide a directory of businesses and special offers.

In collaboration with Guglielmo Rossi.


Google Street View has recorded 360° images of much of the worlds streets. I discovered, half-accidentally, that this also means that there is a view of the sky from all those places. I made a website which, using Google’s API, allows visitors to pick a location and see a view of the sky. That view is saved for all subsequent visitors to see (until someone changes it again).


An expanding hypertext narrative. Click words highlighted in grey to ‘expand’ them. Similar in principle to Ted Nelson’s idea of Stretchtext, I discovered later, though I’ve never found an implementation of Stretchtext.


Feel free to get in touch to discuss a project. If you are a designer who needs a developer or a developer who needs a designer I can help too – I often collaborate with both.